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Medical-Surgical Staff Nurse

•Currently practicing as a Staff Nurse at Annex 2 – 1st Floor (Medical-Surgical Unit) of St. Luke’s Medical Center, handling an average of 1 nurse to 6-8 patient ratios on a daily basis. Plays the role of a charge nurse to 5-6 bedside nurse and 30-37 patients. •IELTS Passer, Overall Band Score of 8, (9 in Listening, 8 in Reading, 7 in Writing and Speaking) •NCLEX Passer, California Board of Registered Nursing •Passed the Nursing Licensure Exam last June 2007 with a rating of 84.8, License N

Work Preferences

Desired Salary
40,000 - 45,000 per year  
Desired Job Type
Any Type  
Highest Education Level
Bachelor Degree  
Will Consider Relocation to;
Residency / Visa
I Require Employer Sponsorship

Skills Profile

Healthcare (Allied) & Medicine
Nurse / Midwife (Experience: 3 year(s), Last used: 2011)
Technical Skills Skill Last Used Yrs. Exp.  
  Advance Cardiac Life Support 2011 3  
  Basic Life Support 2011 3  
  Critical Nursing Care 2011 3  
  Intravenous Therapy 2011 3  
  Standard First-Aid 2011 3  
Other Skills

  • CriticalHead to Toe Assessment
  • PatientSafety through proper use of restraints
  • Asepsisand Infection Control
  • MedicationAdministration (Oral, Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Intradermal, Intravenous,Transdermal, Eye/Ear/Nose drops and ointments, application of vaginal andrectal suppositories)
  • PerioperativeCare
  • PatientHygiene (Bed Bath, use of antimebolism stockings, oral care, bed shampoo)
  • SkinIntegrity and Proper Wound Care (removing sutures, caring for post-operativedrains, cleaning a wound and applying sterile dressing, irrigating sterilewounds)
  • Activity(turning, logrolling, providing range of motion exercises, proper patienttransfer, assisting with ambulation by walker, crutches and  cane, caring for a cast, applying and caringfor a patient with skin and skeletal traction)
  • Comfort(giving back massage, caring for patients under patient controlled analgesia,caring for patients receiving epidural anesthesia)
  • Nutrition(inserting and removing nasogastric tube, administering tube feedings via bolusand enteral pump, caring for gastrostomy tube, monitoring blood glucose)
  • UrinaryElimination (Catheterizing male and female urinary bladder, giving continuousbladder irrigation, collection of urine specimen, caring for a hemodialysisaccess)
  • BowelElimination (inserting rectal tubes, administration of cleansing and retentionenema, changing and emptying of ostomy pouch, irrigating a colostomy,collection of stool specimen)
  • Oxygenation(using a pulse oximeter, teaching use of Incentive Spirometer, instructing useof Meter Dose Inhaler, administering nebulization, Collecting sputum specimen, providingcare of a chest tube, administering oxygen via different delivery systems,inserting nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airways, suctioning tracheostomy,using bag and mask)
  • Fluidand Electrolyte Balance (staring an IV infusion, monitoring IV site,administering blood transfusions), Cardiovascular Care (performing basic lifesupport)

Employment History

Job Title
Medical-Surgical Staff Nurse
05/2008 to Current

Area/Specialty:   Annex 2 –1st Floor (Medical-Surgical Ward)

Hospital Profile: St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) is the mostadmired tertiary hospital in the Philippines,a recognized leader in Asia and accredited byJoint Commission International since 2003. It is a 650-bed hospital and acenter of excellence in many fields, most especially incardiovascular medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, and cancer. SLMC brings to the Philippines the latest medicaladvances and treatment modalities. Patients are not only limited tolocals, but extends multiculturally across Asiaand the world.


Unit Profile: Annex 2 – 1stFloor is composed of 36 single in-bed rooms and 1 double in-bed room cateringto various medical and surgical cases of any age and sex. The unit usuallycaters to patients with cardiac, gastrointestinal, renal, endocrine andrespiratory cases. Patients for major, exploratory and curative surgery arealso abundant in the unit. The unit also serves patients for executivecheck-ups, who are usually VIPs.   


Detailed Job Description: 

The nurse must deliver quality patient care and safety adherent to St.Luke’s Medical Center Vision, Missionand Values and the organization’s strategic objectives.


Dutiesand Responsibilities:

1.     Technical:

1.1.   Assess nursing care needs of patients.

1.1.1. Measure the height and weight accurately.

1.1.2.     Take the vital signs of the patient(inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation together with painassessment.

1.1.3. Hook the patient to cardiac monitor and getthe scope and other baseline.

1.1.4. Fill-out the Multi-Disciplinary IntegrationAdmission Database.

1.1.5.     Monitor patients and accounts importantconditions, reactions to treatment and other.

1.1.6. Notify the Manager/Nurse in Charge for anyabnormalities observed.

1.2.   Plan for nursing care and intervention.

1.2.1. Plan the nursing care by utilizing thekardex.

1.2.2. Recognize nursing care problems.

1.2.3. Synchronize the nursing care plan to themedical care.

1.2.4. Plan suitable nursing intervention to achievesuccessful outcome.

1.2.5.     Elucidate to the patient and family the differentnon-invasive monitoring device used in the care.

1.2.6. Refer patients accordingly.

1.3.   Implement each planned intervention andnursing care.

1.3.1.     Give medication and treatments (IVT, BT,chemotherapy) as prescribed.

1.3.2. Properly record all care rendered.

1.3.3. Complete the TPR, MTR and Fluid BalanceSheets.

1.3.4.     Get a scheduled diagnostic procedure such asMRI, CT scan, PET Scan etc needed.

1.3.5.     Inform all medical services the schedules ofinvasive procedures like endoscopy, surgical operations and others.

1.3.6.     Arrange all needed equipment and assists thephysician during treatment and examination of the patient.

1.3.7. Provide healthcare education to the patientsand family.

1.4.   Evaluate the outcome of nursing careprovided.

2.     Administrative:

2.1.   Join the physician during his rounds.

2.2.   Do periodic checks to make sure proceduresand treatment are properly done.

2.3.   Make certain that stocks are complete.

2.4.   Ensure equipments are functioning andsanitary.

2.5.   Enthusiastically partake in organization-wideactions and taskforce assigned pertinent to the institution’s Vision, Missionand Values.

3.     As Charge Nurse:

3.1.   Answerable to his Unit Manager

3.2.   Plays the duties and responsibilities of theNursing Unit Manager when the latter is not present.

3.3.   Directly reports to his Unit Manager, NursingService Office Manager, and to the Associate Vice-President – Division ofNursing while performing his duties through:

3.3.1. Assessment of patients

3.3.2. Planning nursing care of all patients

3.3.3. Implementing Nursing Care Plan

3.3.4. Evaluation of Nursing Care Plan

Job Title
Volunteer Community Health Nurse
07/2007 to 12/2007

Mayor Delfin C. Salonga Memorial Health Center

Pateros Metro Manila

July 25, 2007 toAugust 17, 2007 and September 5, 2007 to December 1, 2007.

Mayor Juan R. Sanchez Memorial Health Center

Pateros Metro Manila

August 20, 2007 to September 4, 2007. 

Member of Emergency Disaster Team 3 in Mayor Juan R. Sanchez Memorial Health Center, Pateros MetroManila last August 17, 2007

Practiced generalistnursing approach as Community HealthNurse catering to community, family and individual needs with experienceson basic nursing skills like admission, history taking, monitoring, dischargeand endorsement, medication administration, vaccination and health education.Acquired valuable experience related to community nursing, particularly theimplementation of the Philippine Department of Health’s policies on the promotion of health and theprevention of illness.


Completed Institution Degree / Qualification
2007 University of Santo Tomas Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Cum Laude)  

Work Related Training & Certification

Completed Institution Training / Certification
2011 St. Luke's Medical Center Process Improvement Projects  
2010 St. Luke's Medical Center Critical Care Nursing Program  
2010 St. Luke's Medical Center Basic and Advance Cardiac Life Support  
2010 St. Luke's Medical Center Patient Safety Skills Enhancement  
2008 St. Luke's Medical Center Customer Service Champion Workshop  
2007 Capitol Medical Center IV Therapy Training Program for Nurses